Susana Velazquez

favorite quote:

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!”

What’s your coaching style?

I love fitness and I hope is shows in my coaching methods. I train and coach for performance; to be better, faster, and stronger than you were yesterday. I like getting “outside the comfort-zone.” So I encourage participants to join me there! My clients expect to be nudged, pressed, and pushed to go a little farther, a little faster, a little harder than you thought you could, while still respecting individual fitness boundaries and levels.
Why do you coach?
Everyone has a fitness journey; some have been on it for a lifetime, others needed a life changing event to get them going, some haven’t even started. Regardless of where anyone is on their path, healthier living is always an accessible choice, a commitment, and an investment that has to made everyday. And when we invest in ourselves, the return is not only to our own quality of life but to everyone else around us. I love being a part of that which makes people the best possible versions of themselves that they can be.
What’s your favorite thing about fitness?
So much!!! Results: it is a tremendous feeling to witness the physical and mental transformation that comes from accomplishing something you couldn’t do before. It could be single pull-up or a 5K race. Those personal victories drive us to set new goals and redefine our own limits.
Support: Fitness-Friends are so so supportive and encouraging! Regardless of anyone’s fitness level we’ve all been there or are trying to get there! Everyone had to crawl before they could walk, walk before they could run. There’s no fast track, there are no short-cuts. These are the common experiences that create comradery.