Olivia Kovacs

favorite quote:

“Do not use yoga to control, shrink, or tighten your body or being. Allow your practice to grow you.”

-Octavia Raheem. 


What’s your coaching style?
I teach with the goal of encouraging my students to listen to their bodies while practicing. While I can teach fast-paced and challenging classes, I will always offer modifications, variations, and breaks. I am also an alignment-based teacher, meaning my instructions are clear and specific and my classes are a little slower than a vinyasa or power yoga class. 
Why do you coach?
I love practicing and learning about yoga, and I enjoy sharing all the teachings I’ve learned. I have fun playing with different ways of teaching poses and learning how to make difficult poses more accessible.
What’s your favorite thing about fitness?
I love all the things fitness can be to different people, and personally fitness has taught me how to listen and take care of my body daily. My favorite thing is to make and see fitness be accessible and inclusive.