Cadende Pearson Lane

Favorite Quote:

What’s your coaching style?

My yoga classes  are about grounding and centering to find your strength and tap into that authentic power within you.  They challenge you to Iisten to the body, let go of ego and find that edge where growth is possible without self-sabotaging belief around what you can and cannot do.  Allowing yourself to fit your body into the shape, rather than the shape into your body, so you can breathe, release and dive deep into a closer connection to your body and spirit.

Why do you coach?

Yoga has transformed my life and is my daily practice to stay grounded and connected and calm.  It also allowed me to find peace and connection in my own body after years dancing professionally, where the end goal was always external.  Yoga allowed me to feel my body from the inside out and appreciate it and it’s voice.  

What’s your favorite thing about fitness?

The connection of mind to body and the ability to push through to one’s highest potential and feel one’s inner strength.  

Are YOU ready to be challenged? This 45min High Intensity, Low Impact class will increase cardiovascular endurance, strength, coordination, agility, and muscle toning. One will be challenged with aerobic, strength, and traditional lap swimming techniques using equipment to PUSH YOU to the next level... Goggles required.

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mission statement

The mission of YeoFit is to energize, empower, and engage the Oberlin community through fitness and fun.
Overall well-being is linked to both mental and physical health. YeoFit targets physical health, while also attending to aspects of mental health and self-care. YeoFit is designed to be accessible for all, regardless of fitness level or experience.
YeoFit instructors, classes and its facilities are a safe place for all people, their experiences, and their identities. This is inclusive of, but not limited to, their color, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, culture, language, physical abilities, mental abilities, class and athletic abilities.
YeoFit classes are free for Oberlin College students, faculty and staff – donations are accepted and appreciated. Special YeoFit programs will be offered throughout the year and geared toward bringing together the Oberlin community in friendly, challenging, and healthy initiatives.