Zimmy Chu

 Favorite quote:

“After all, a person is herself, and others. Relationships chisel the final shape of one’s being. I am me, and you.“

– N. K. Jemisin, The Fifth Season

1. What’s your coaching style?
    I consider myself to be very flexible as an instructor. The most important thing to me is that everyone is able to participate however they can- physically, emotionally, mentally. First and foremost, I want to work together with each student to find what works for them. I teach with attention to privilege and oppression dynamics and trauma, as I recognize that for many people self defense can be emotionally taxing or even triggering. I want my students to know that they can always say no, and that when they say yes they are in a safe environment. I assume that if you take my class you are dedicated to practicing and pushing yourself to the degree that you safely can. I trust that you know your limits and I trust that you are committed to learning the material. 
2. Why do you coach?
     I’ve been teaching karate since I was 11 and loved it from the very beginning! Practicing karate is something I love and I want to give other people a chance to love it too. I also think self defense is a really important life skill, especially for marginalized people. Not only is literally knowing how to defend yourself important, feeling confident in your own strength is life changing. Everyone should have a chance to feel safe in their bodies and martial arts is a great place to start!
3. What’s your favorite thing about fitness?
     Learning how to listen to my body’s needs! And I love hitting punching bags :0