Body Positive Pilates 

Jocelyn Cavins

Favorite Quote:

“Body positive work should be rooted in radical body liberation which actively seeks to dismantle the social structures that reinforce a body hierarchy.” 

-Ilya Parker, @decolonizing_fitness

What’s your coaching style?

Upbeat, curious, encouraging and a little bit silly. Also, fat-positive, anti-diet, anti-capitalism. 

Why do you coach?

I believe that movement can be medicine, and that being connected to your mind and body is exponentially powerful. I want to give people a space to explore their bodies and what kind of movement feels best for them. 

What’s your favorite thing about fitness?

We hold so much in our bodies: trauma, tension, emotions, even internalized oppression. Moving energy around, whether that’s through breath or physical movement or both, can give us a sense of release, teach us to trust ourselves, and build a stronger sense of self. Movement can bring freedom. 

Are YOU ready to be challenged? This 45min High Intensity, Low Impact class will increase cardiovascular endurance, strength, coordination, agility, and muscle toning. One will be challenged with aerobic, strength, and traditional lap swimming techniques using equipment to PUSH YOU to the next level... Goggles required.

Make a Change

mission statement

The mission of YeoFit is to energize, empower, and engage the Oberlin community through fitness and fun.
Overall well-being is linked to both mental and physical health. YeoFit targets physical health, while also attending to aspects of mental health and self-care. YeoFit is designed to be accessible for all, regardless of fitness level or experience.
YeoFit instructors, classes and its facilities are a safe place for all people, their experiences, and their identities. This is inclusive of, but not limited to, their color, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, culture, language, physical abilities, mental abilities, class and athletic abilities.
YeoFit classes are free for Oberlin College students, faculty and staff – donations are accepted and appreciated. Special YeoFit programs will be offered throughout the year and geared toward bringing together the Oberlin community in friendly, challenging, and healthy initiatives.