Core ‘N’ more

Get ready to burn and firm your thighs, hips, and booties all while working your core. This FUN 45 minute toning workout will incorporate small bursts of cardio as well as amazing variety that is easy to follow. This class is geared for all fitness levels.

Power Sculpt

This 45 minute total body workout combines strength training using a variety of equipment, body weight and BURSTS of cardio to build a strong foundation to achieve results. The music will fuel you while being encouraged by the instructor to continually progress so you walk out of class feeling POWERFUL!

Spin 2 Flow

The perfect yin and yang! Warm up your muscles and build your endurance with a 20 minute spin ride followed by the strengthening and stretching of a 20 minute yoga flow. Participate in the ultimate balanced workout and let your heart and mind be nourished.

Spin Fusion

Find your strongest self in Spin Fusion, a spinning and body sculpting workout that combines a 30 minute endurance ride with 15 minutes of high intensity floor exercise.


A class centered around Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) straps and exercises that are designed to tone and strengthen the whole body.

Epic Revolution

It's more than just a RIDE, it's MOTIVATION for life. One will RIDE and get lost in the BEAT of the music, gain an addiction to pushing past the COMFORT ZONE, acquiring STRENGTH & ENDURANCE, while BURNING off tons of calories along the way.

Presidential Bootcamp

This class is a great mix of strength and sculpting exercises with a fun emphasis on jumping rope. Guaranteed to burn calories and tone muscles. All fitness levels are welcome to join.


This ancient practice helps create a sense of union in the body, mind and spirit. This class will include stretching, deep relaxation techniques and breath control.