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July 6th-August 2nd

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The mission of YeoFit is to energize, empower, and engage the Oberlin community through fitness and fun.
Overall well-being is linked to both mental and physical health. YeoFit targets physical health, while also attending to aspects of mental health and self-care. YeoFit is designed to be accessible for all, regardless of fitness level or experience.
YeoFit instructors, classes and its facilities are a safe place for all people, their experiences, and their identities. This is inclusive of, but not limited to, their color, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, culture, language, physical abilities, mental abilities, class and athletic abilities.
YeoFit classes are free for Oberlin College students, faculty and staff – donations are accepted and appreciated. Special YeoFit programs will be offered throughout the year and geared toward bringing together the Oberlin community in friendly, challenging, and healthy initiatives.

Featured Programs

Body Positive pilates

A combination of high-intensity interval training and mat Pilates, this 60-minute class offers a fast-paced, varied, and dynamic work out that is truly all levels. The class also promises to provide a body positive environment that is free from toxic fitness goals, fatphobia, dieting, and beauty standards. Emphasizing self-acceptance, self-love, and listening to your body, you are welcome to show up just as you are. Come explore what it feels like to move your body! 


Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance workout that alternates between high and low intensity dance moves designed to increase your heart rate and boost cardio endurance. This high-energy class is set to upbeat music and features a choreographed dance to the beats of salsa, flamenco, and merengue. Zumba is an open, fun and friendly environment that feels more like a dance party than a workout! Though most Zumba includes high-impact moves like bouncing and jumping, it can be modified to accommodate your needs and is open to all fitness levels. Most importantly, the class emphasizes moving to the music and having a good time; no rhythm required!  

Get Jacked

Lift weights = Get jacked. Strength coaches from T3 Performance will lead a 45 min group training session, based around building lean muscle and maximizing your strength potential.  It will be a fun environment for you to push your limits, and challenge yourself both physically and mentally. Come get jacked, and start living your best life.



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